18 January, 2019

Who are you with this weekend?

Stand with Greg & Sophie...

Eat with us at Men's Breakfast tomorrow morning...

Engage with our community at the craft morning tomorrow...

Explore Jesus with us on Sunday morning...

Enjoy sharing with each other at lunch on Sunday...

...more details below.

Stand with Greg & Sophie in prayer

I spoke to Greg on the phone yesterday - they are all safe but staying at home at the moment and the school is closed.

The huge increase in fuel prices last weekend means that many people, including some of the teachers at the school, cannot afford to travel to work - they would spend all of their wages getting there - so a lot of places, including shops, are closed.

Greg & Sophie are exploring whether it's possible to accommodate some of the staff at the school so that they can re-open - most of the children live in walking distance.

Greg also told me that they are so grateful for the gift we could give from the CCC gift day last year - they have used it to do some vital renovations to the school playground and toilets, and preparing new classrooms for the start of the new school year earlier this month.  Much of the labouring was done by volunteers (parents, staff and neighbours) who gave their time to the project - it's great to be able to partner with that community in this way.

If you've seen the news you'll know that it is still a worrying and volatile situation - pray that the government acts again, this time in favour of its people, and that people can get the food and work they need in order to live.

Men's breakfast...

8.30-9.30 tomorrow morning at the Selco Builders Merchant cafe on Bromley Road.  A wide choice of breakfasts for £5 (we'll get yours for you if it's your first time!) and a chance to catch up on life, the universe and everything.

Craft morning.

10.30-12noon tomorrow morning at The Point.

A range of crafts to enjoy, and there are always coffee and snacks to keep you going while you cut & stick, or just have a chat.

CCC Sunday

10.30 at The Calabash - we'll be gathering as usual to worship God, to share fellowship together, and continuing in John's Gospel we're focussing on John 6:16-21.  Read the passage and work out why we've included it in our 'I AM' series.

Afterwards, come for lunch at Martyn & Maureen's - bring something to contribute to lunch and enjoy sharing together.

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